When it comes to selecting a builder for your project, there are many options to consider including contractor selection and contract agreements.

In many instances, a client may have a preselected list of contractors they wish to use, based on reputation or referrals; others may have no preference. If requested, Sprout Studios can provide a short list of builders appropriate to the project in terms of location, scale and budget.

Should the owner elect to have Sprout Studios put the job to tender, we will act on their behalf to request bids from a preselected list of builders. The process will be confidential and information will not be shared between bidders. Sprout Studios will prepare the same documents for each bidder to review, meet builders on site (to answer any site questions they may have or discuss issues they need to be aware of), address any construction questions the bidders may have, communicate any addendums to the construction documents to all bidders for consistency, and take notes regarding which bidders are asking which questions. Upon review of the bids, Sprout Studios will break down each bid and compare it to the competition. The Tender Comparison breaks down each bid into similar elements of construction to ensure an impartial comparison. Items of inclusion or exclusion are listed or summarized to clearly quantify each bid.